Farrow and Ball paint is a clay-based emulsion unlike regular emulsion that normally has plastics added to it. The cleanliness of the material makes them one of the most ecofriendly paints on the market, and their ingredients also make for very rich pigments.

There are some disadvantages to using Farrow & Ball paint, although this can benefit you. For instance, it is not possible to colour match from another manufacturers paint range; you are stuck with the off-the-shelf colors available from Farrow and Ball paint. Additionally, while there may be only a limited range of colors for you to choose from at least you don’t get overwhelmed with hundreds of paint chips.

The paint in the premixed colours should be gently stirred before painting. The paints do not come out of a paint shaker, so you must stir it well before use.

Farrow and Ball paint is one of the most expensive paints, so it’s not for everyone. But if you do decide to buy F&B’s products, just know that its Estate Emulsion is a flat finish and probably won’t stand up to an active family with kids or pets. However, Farrow and Ball paint do produce a Modern Emulsion that comes in an eggshell and is washable.

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